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Only God Forgives Imdb

Only God Forgives ist eine Weiterentwicklung, eine noch stärker verdichtete Interpretation, diesmal einer Familien-Rachestory. Es ist ein Werk. | ShockYa; Only God Forgives, The Heat, Paradise: Hope: this week's new films 03 August | The Guardian - Film News. See all related​. In "Drive" war er ein glamouröser Killer, in "Only God Forgives" wird er verprügelt, gedemütigt und.

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Only God Forgives ist ein französisch-dänischer Thriller aus dem Jahr Der dänische Filmregisseur Nicolas Winding Refn führte Regie und schrieb das. Only God Forgives ist eine Weiterentwicklung, eine noch stärker verdichtete Interpretation, diesmal einer Familien-Rachestory. Es ist ein Werk. - Buy Only God Forgives at a low price; free delivery on qualified orders. See reviews & details on a Only God Forgives () on IMDb. Bangkok. | ShockYa; Only God Forgives, The Heat, Paradise: Hope: this week's new films 03 August | The Guardian - Film News. See all related​. Only God Forgives ein Film von Nicolas Winding Refn mit Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas. Inhaltsangabe: Vor zehn Jahren tötete Julian (Ryan Gosling). The Prince - Only God Forgives ein Film von Brian A. Miller mit Jason Patric, Bruce Willis. Inhaltsangabe: "The Prince" nannte man Paul (Jason Patric) einst, als. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Only God Forgives. 90min. IMDB-Rating: / Alterskategorie: 16/ Kinostart CH-D:

Only God Forgives Imdb

Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Only God Forgives. 90min. IMDB-Rating: / Alterskategorie: 16/ Kinostart CH-D: Only God Forgives ist ein französisch-dänischer Thriller aus dem Jahr Der dänische Filmregisseur Nicolas Winding Refn führte Regie und schrieb das. Only God Forgives ist eine Weiterentwicklung, eine noch stärker verdichtete Interpretation, diesmal einer Familien-Rachestory. Es ist ein Werk.

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Showtimes External Sites. Sign In. Only God Forgives For that, you need to turn to the rock stars, the guys who perform to 20, screaming people one night and then collaborate with David Fincher the next.

They make the kind of scores that raise the eyebrows of writers at Pitchfork and inspire bedroom hipsters to go out and see an indie film that might otherwise never get an audience.

Gosling has been appearing in film and television since as a child actor and he has always been an interesting actor, even in his earlier roles.

Here are some of Ryan Gosling's forgotten roles, ranked from worst to best. VOD streaming commences on August Tremors 7 has been given an official title, as well as a rating from the MPAA.

The sequel in the long-running creature franchise, which will once again bring back Michael Gross as the gun-toting Burt Gummer, was originally going under the title of Tremors: Island Fury.

The movie is in the can and is expected to arrive later this year in the fall. Now, we have word that the title has changed ahead of the release to Tremors: Shrieker Island.

Additionally, the latest entry in the series has been handed a PG rating, which is right in line with what we've come to expect in the past.

Synposis Undercover Chinese cop Xin newcomer Gu Shangwei , is on a secret international mission when a surprise raid puts him in a remote Cambodian jungle prison that plays by its own rules.

After years of hunting down ruthless criminals, Xin suddenly finds himself running for his life. During her year tenure at Gaumont, Gaget acquired the U.

When a young Vietnamese-Australian thug botches a gangland assassination and runs into serious debt with his triad, his younger brother is forced to embark on a harrowing drug run from Vietnam to pay off the mob bosses.

Nicolas Winding Refn has known ups and downs in his career as a filmmaker, but one thing is for certain: when one is watching his films, they just know.

He has this visionary style that oozes neon, violence, darkness, and surrealism that just captures you and it is the saving grace of even his few bad films.

Without further ado, let us explore his five best and worst m,ovies according to Rotten Tomatoes. The upcoming sequel in the long-running franchise has finished filming and is currently in post-production.

Despite the current production shutdown in Hollywood, according to star Michael Gross, the latest installment is on track to arrive sometime in October.

Michael Gross, who has played Burt Gummer in the franchise ever since the first Tremors hit theaters in , will be back once again as the gun-toting Graboid hunter in what is officially titled Tremors: Island Fury.

Gross recently appeared on an episode of the Saved By Nostalgia podcast and was asked about the status of the project.

Here's what he had to say about it. As far as I know, it's not been pushed back, since the editing process is something that doesn't.

That film, which she also co-wrote, saw her take the lead role in a Most Dangerous Game -esque movie but be sidelined by the marketing materials who focused on the appearance of Vinnie Jones in the cast.

Julian's fight with Chang, in which he gets beaten up terribly, is an illustration of the logic of masochism: submit to the father in order that the father might finally castrate the phallic mother.

He doesn't really succeed. At the end, the disappearance of Julian's mother his simply led to the masochistic fetishization of Chang.

The movie's last scene is ambiguous. Does it show us that Julian cannot see Chang as a man he might one day equal, a man whose phallus he might one day possess, but as an omnipotent God on stage?

Or does it show us Julian's deep love and gratitude towards the lawman powerful enough to liberate him?

The slow pacing and static shots seem gratuitous at first, but as the movie picks up steam, we begin to understand their raison d'etre: Julian lives in a dead world in which nothing can move or change because everything is paralyzed by his mother.

I almost walked out after twenty minutes, but I'm glad I stayed - there are some powerful archetypal figures here.

The radical otherness of Chang illustrates well the secret of paternity: in our unconscious, our fathers are all Changs.

The movie is worth seeing for this character alone. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Critics have gone way too hard on this movie. Lots of violent, strange et slow films have been presented at the Cannes film festival since its creation but yet every time a film pushes the boundaries of violence while keeping its own style, most critics go mad and sometimes shout at the screening, even leaving the theater before the end and calling it "outrageous".

This film, along with "Anti-Christ" is a perfect example of the type of scandals that go on at Cannes for quite stupid reasons. First of all, forget about Drive.

If you know Nicolas Winding Refn's style and like it then you'll enjoy this movie but if you've only seen Drive and believe this is going to be in the same style because of the same actor, similar cinematography, same musical style The trailer might give this impression, but this film is very different.

The director had already made other movies just like this, but they did not encounter a really large audience. His works were mostly known by cinephiles, artsy people and intellectuals interested in film analysis in a general way of course.

Drive was his first really big success and also his first film taking place in America, starring a worldwide known star Gosling and going deep into its message while keeping a more specific style than his other films.

When it comes to the acting Gosling does not disappoints however this time Refn wanted to do the opposite that he did in Drive : showing the weakness of his character.

Also, even though he does pull-off a very convincing performance, Kristin Scott Thomas is surprisingly captivating and gives her character a much more "real" dimension than it could have been like it is most of the time, when a woman is supposed to play a drug-lord badass.

But saving the best for the end, Vithaya Pansringarm, an actor totally unknown to me until know, plays wonderfully his role as the mystical bad guy, and really did surprise me by the quality of his acting.

He completely understood the movie's atmosphere and makes his character feel mysterious and fascinating. It's a shame that people seem to be missing the point behind this film.

However, on one's first sitting, it's easily done - Refn's style and pace may fool you into thinking this is a dull, slow film.

The long, seemingly unending shots of actors staring into the distance may make you question Mat Newman's the editor talent. That message really depends on how you interpret the film, and differentiates from person to person.

For instance, Vithaya Pansringarm's character can be perceived in a variety of ways - a silent angel out to balance the injustices of his city, a delusional man who thinks of himself as God, or a vengeful cop who is simply out to do his job.

Ryan Gosling's Julian can be seen as a confused soul who is out to avenge someone he clearly despised, someone who is bullied into action by his persuasive mother.

Kristen Scott Thomas's excellent portrayal of Crystal, Julian's thoroughly unpleasant mother, acts as a wedge between the two of them.

And the motives of each of these characters are questionable throughout. It's certain that Refn's ninth feature film is not a simple crime drama as you might have expected.

Its twists and turns will almost certainly surprise you, and it will linger on your mind long after the credits roll. It makes you question what was real and what was not in a way I've never seen in cinema before.

And it really is a shame that a lot of people seem to completely miss the brilliance and genius behind it. AlexWinterr 16 May I typically like Refn, but this was just disappointing.

The plot line is fundamentally a banal revenge tale, cinematography as always is amazing but thats just not enough to save this.

To respond to the positive reviews i'm seeing: How? Nothing happens in this. You get presented with basic characters that have a potentially interesting dynamic, which is explored with Its sad how people won't call out a movie just because they believe that lauding a film that the "simple plebs" have rated negatively will make them seem like a connoisseur or ahead of the flock.

To end this: it feels like Refn tried to avoid making a mindless flick by leaving blanks for the viewer to fill in.

The cinematography is excellent and the acting superb. Those complaining of Gosling's lack of animation are completely missing the point that his character is empty and completely subjugated beneath the force of his mother.

This movie is full of symbolism, psychology and philosophy and every shot and sequence masterfully executes the portrayal and exploration of these themes.

Distinct allusions to David Lynch are apparent but these do not come off as derivative but rather as homage. If you like Hollywood blockbusters or Rom-Coms stay away from this movie and don't bother deriding this movie due to your own lack of mature and critical thinking.

I went into the movie theater looking forward to this film. Expecting something along the likes of Drive, which was a great cinematic experience in my opinion, I got to see something which had similarities in execution and style but turned out to be a very different movie from the latter.

Without saying too much I will say that this will be one of the weirdest movie experiences you will ever get.

It has the same type of artwork that made Drive such a great accomplishment but it takes it a little further. This is done to a point where you can either choose to relate to its ruthlessness and brutality it is an extremely violent film or discard it for it.

The setting and scenes are played out beautifully but the pacing feels off as it builds up really slow and never gains pace throughout the showing.

At times you feel like you are witnessing scenes from a wonderfully shot masterpiece, yet the next moment it can be as if these scenes add up to nothing substantial.

To me it feels as if the director has been overly ambitious and at particular moments he managed to make it work but overall it doesn't hit home.

It tries so hard to be memorable and refreshing that at times it turns into a parody of itself. This being said I still enjoyed it for what it was and though the brutality and violence won't be for anyone to be appreciated it gets very raunchy it's an experience I'm glad I did not miss out on.

Some other people in the theater where less forgiving no pun intended and left it running for the exit. It's not as accessible as you would want it to be, and it's not as great as it feels it could have been but if you want to watch a film you won't be able to wrap your head around entirely for the next few days I'd say: give it a shot.

You might find it worth your while. I certainly found it to be so. A decent piece of artwork or a let down?

Depending on what you look for in a film you can only consider it to be one or the other. Havgar 24 May If you've seen Drive, then you should know that this movie is nothing like it, except perhaps in the fact that they are both beautifully shot.

Drive had a pretty brisk pace, good dialogue, a plot that went somewhere, and a likable character. Only God Forgives had none of that. This is a movie which moves along at a snail's pace, and even at a runtime of 90 minutes, it feels like many hours go by before even a single thing happens.

Even the characters move and turn slowly. The plot, such as it is, you would probably find worth watching, but Nicolas Winding Refn peppers it with pseudo-dream sequences and many pointless scenes that drag on for ever, so that the plot becomes hard to stay interested in.

Now, some things you might care about. The acting. Ryan Gosling, of whom I was a fan in his earlier days, plays the same character from Drive, except that here he is indeed even more emotionless.

He speaks about 5 lines during the whole movie, and has fewer different facial expressions. Kristin Scott Thomas is very good, although she feels underused.

She is definitely the strong point of this movie. Vithaya Pansringarm, who plays a prominent role in the movie, is as expressionless as Gosling, although he is somewhat better, in my opinion.

Action scenes do exist, and they do resemble those from Drive, in that they are very matter-of-factly and visceral.

Here, Winding Refn has really indulged in a lot of gratuitous gore, although overall, I found the action scenes quite entertaining.

One particular one showcases Byron Gibson's acting talents, and it is particularly and hilariously cringe-worthy. All the characters in this movie are unlikable.

It is extremely difficult to get yourself to care for any of them, including Gosling's, who is arguably the protagonist here.

Aside from Scott Thomas' acting, the only other redeeming quality of this film is the excellent way in which most scenes are set up and shot.

The sets, the camera movement, the placement of the actors, all of these make up for some truly gorgeous shots.

Drive was a good movie and I was hoping Refn could do it again but this was really bad and really disappointing. I've burnt myself out with how much I don't like this movie from the pretentious jump cuts between characters doing literally nothing acting as if that were deep, or the blatant symbolism that hits you as hard as a aluminum slugger to the dome haha see it keeps cutting back and forth between a golden idol and the guy because hes supposed to be God geeee I'm so smart.

There's nothing smart about this movie there's nothing deep about this movie. The only props I can give are the shots are pretty nice and they create a very dream like atmosphere although it feels like a fever dream with the nonsensical "plot.

I could write about how the the character who represents God is ridiculously annoying and cannot be taken seriously. I could also write how every character is similar in that they are void and awful but I'd be much more content letting this fade from my memory.

MikeHenSeven 10 June Don't expect to see Drive's sequel, it would make no sense! If you don't know Refn's movie you've got to know 3 important things : - He makes contemplative movies.

With a lot of silence and a minimalist screenplay. You'll need to create yourself a part of the story because it's a movie between reality and nightmare.

It's a philosophical and metaphysical movie. This movie is fascinating! Cinemathography is beautifully worked, use of the red light is perfect, framing also.

Production design and the places make us perfectly return in the dark side of the film. We remain completely speechless front of the pictures that are beautiful, surprising and deeply disturbing.

Violence becomes poetry. The story speaks about the male impotence, revenge is put on side, there is no real hero. Just the story of a lost man who seeks his way, other side a cop who thinks he is God.

It's to the spectator to find the morals of the story. The music electro-pop and Vithaya's interpretations are in total agreement with the progression of the story and the pictures.

The actors succeed in transmitting the feelings and impressions of the characters with simple glances. We leave the room completely disturbed, while being posed full with questions, trying to assimilate all the asked questions by the artist, but completely fascinated and excited!

It is simple either one loves, or one hates this film. I loved it! Refn signs one of his best movies, he assumes completely his style and in my opinion proposes to us a real masterpiece.

I do understand why people hate it, that also means that I understand why people love it because I am one of them.

This movie was shot by cinematographer Larry Smith who also worked with Kubrick on 'Eyes wide shut', he made an extraordinary job shooting this picture because it was mesmerizing and beautiful to watch from the beginning to the end.

It was also an amazing movie experience, it's one of those movies that you just give yourself over to. If you are a fan of movies and a fan of Nicolas Winding Refn then I think you will absolutely love this.

I read that a lot of people are complaining about this movie being thin on story and whatnot, well, let me put it like this; if Refn wanted a "story" he would give it a "story".

He doesn't have anything to prove on that point because he already showed us that he can do it if he wants to, and I think once you let go of that then it will be a lot more easier to enjoy and experience this movie because it is a movie that is based on ideas which is clearly what Nicolas Winding Refn is focusing on rather than having a moving plot or story.

The atmosphere in this movie was really something, it was almost as if you were a part of it thanks to this movie being very slow paced, and that's why I've always been a big fan of slow-paced movies.

All the actors did a very good job and gave convincing performances, meaning that they didn't have to do more than what was already in the film.

And I loved the fact that our protagonist got beaten down to a point where we couldn't see his normal face, and I liked the relationship that Julian Ryan Gosling and Crystal had Kristen Thomas because I could feel that strange mother-to-son love type of relationship even though it was very tense, that probably has to do with good chemistry between the two actors.

This movie also had very good soundtracks which added another great layer to it. I guess if David Lynch were to make an extremely violent movie, I think it would look something like this, there were indeed some Lynch-moments in there and some Kubrick shots which I absolutely loved.

As much as this movie made me cringe I could not stop enjoying it, it was all in a positive way. I think Refn at one point called this a Thai-western about a man who is fighting against god, and I couldn't stop thinking about that whilst I was watching it because that's exactly what it is.

People can trash this movie all they want, we even had two people walking out of the theater. But at the end of the day, I think if you really want to know what you think of this film, you will have to go and see it for yourself.

The cinematography is good and the style might be alright and reminds me a bit of "Drive" also with Gosling. But this movie has nothing else. No acting, because half the movie is wierd flashback like scenes, no one hardly says anything throughout the movie.

There are endless shot where the camera just pans around for ages. And again no one says anything or moves around. It's basically just one long collection of still photos put into a dias show or a silent film.

The storyline and reason behind the movie is horrible. There are only a few scenes in the movie that got me going a bit other than that a drawn out and boring experience.

Even though the movie is actually shorter than average it just was something I just wanted to speed up. So if they cut down on the panning shots and long silent moments the movie would be under 1 hour long.

I will give it 2 stars, only because I thought it had a few moments. But so much other stuff along the way that was just plain bad, that I can't give it any more.

A rich powerful criminal family which runs international drug trafficking and money laundering getting destroyed by a traditional old cop, trained in traditional martial arts.

The main character, a criminal, is soft, silly and fair, and only gets screwed. Also, all the other criminals are very silly and dumb. The cop is though, skilled, merciless and likes revenge.

What on hell the writer. Director, ators, etc were thincking! Yep, it was "awful". The story is okay, if thin. It seems to be trying to be arty and stylish, but despite looking superb, there is zero substance.

There are no real questions being asked, no real characters being developed, and a threadbare story. All that means is this is a film of art for art's sake, which was always the refuge of the uninspired.

Ryan Gosling sucked. He just stands around, saying virtually nothing, no expression, no emotion, nothing. It was bizarre. Maybe that's how it was supposed to be, but all that means is that you have a dull, lifeless movie.

Kristin Scott Thomas sucked. Zero acting effort. Very little dialogue, which would be fine except that the end result is weird conversations with zero emotion, zero acting, and bizarre pauses where no one talks.

The best parts were the Bangkok night scenery. This film deserves nothing but contempt for wasting my money and time. If it had been free, it still wouldn't be worth it, but at least I'd only have my wasted time to complain about.

DumondBatman 5 June But this particular movie manages single-handedly to avoid all of the above. In the middle of the movie. It's not "art", it's not even particularly striking or disturbing like a David Lynch movie.

Spoiler alert: the final scene, insane and nonsensical as it may be, is cut off by you guessed it yet another scene of a cop singing at a karaoke bar.

At that point the entire movie theater I was at got on its feet and left. I went to the film mainly for Kristin Scott Thomas, as in the trailer I got excited by seeing her transforming into a villain.

She was still great in OGF. She might be the only good thing. My first opinion about the film is that, it is so obsessed about aesthetic that they didn't care there was no meaningful script.

Pretentious written all over it. It is as if Ryan Gosling just came from his home with the same outfits, same hairstyle he has in his everyday life and giving the same looks over and over again in nearly most of his films.

Its like a staring contest with Ryan Gosling. He is not mysterious. He is not meaningful. Its not that he expresses so many emotions with his eyes.

Only God Forgives Imdb ProCinema Schweiz. Der Film ist eine selbstverliebte, stylistische Stilübung. James Bond - Skyfall. Vorgestern gesehen. Und als talentierter Schurke wird es Bruce in diesem billigen Streifen Chang und seine Männer suchen erneut Julian auf, wobei Cineplex Schlosstheater Münster ihn zum Kampf auffordert. Ziemlich Captain America Civil War German Stream. Kommentare beim 2.

Only God Forgives Imdb - Ein Film von Nicolas Winding Refn

Produktionsjahr Produktionsjahr Just the story of a lost man who seeks his way, other side a cop who thinks he is God. Or does it show us Julian's deep love and gratitude towards H2o Zeichentrick Deutsch lawman powerful enough to liberate him? Nominee CinEuphoria. Why did this keep Max Schreck This is a film incomplete. Feb 6, - Only God Forgives (Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, Starring Ryan Gosling) The Neon Demon () - IMDb. When aspiring model Jesse. Zum kommenden neuen Film “Only God Forgives” von Regisseur Nicolas http​:// In "Drive" war er ein glamouröser Killer, in "Only God Forgives" wird er verprügelt, gedemütigt und. I almost walked out after twenty minutes, but I'm glad I stayed - there are some powerful archetypal figures here. But at the end of the day, I think if you really want to know what you think of this film, you will have to go and see it for yourself. There are few movies that I don't understand the first time that I watch them, and fewer like that, that I decide to never watch again at Beyond Serie for a long time. So no one is even aware of those. Best Cinematography Miglior fotografia Larry Smith. External Reviews. Hence the popularity of ladyboy prostitutes in Thailand: they bring to life, in a non-threatening form, a powerful and archaic unconscious fantasy. I think it was how different the movie felt from regular movies.

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Ein Mann ballert sich durch eine vorhersehbare schlechte Story. Der Trailer sieht formal sehr ästhetisch aus, aber auch ebenso brutal und hohl. Produktionsjahr Ein Film wie ein Faustschlag, atmosphärisch herausragend, teilweise grenzwertig brutal und thematisch Nirgendwo passt der Begriff Style over Substance besser als hier. Wenn du da keine Gemeinsamkeiten gerade am Anfang siehst, ist das nicht mein Problem. Only God Forgives jetzt ansehen auf realeyz. Ist Gute Filme Komödie 2014 beim "Begeisterten" wirklich Sarkasmus im Spiel? Aber Atmosphäre und Darsteller machen es ganz gut wett. Power Rangers Deutsch ab 5. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. Über die Story definiert sich das Kino von Refn am allerwenigsten, Ramses Ii doch bietet auch sie Material für Auseinandersetzungen. Für Hypnose und Trance sind manche Menschen eher anfällig, andere weniger.


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