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have over 500,000 articles ( Ukrainian, Persian, Catalan and Arabic. "Can Wikipedia Ever Be a Definitive Medical Text? 110 Wikipedia does not require that its editors and contributors provide identification. "mediawiki  Revision 55688. 217 218 The perceived toxic attitudes and tolerance of violent and abusive language are also reasons put forth for the gender gap in Wikipedia editors. Ownership of articles Wikipedia:Administrators Mehegan, David (February 13, 2006). He wrote in a message to the Wikimedia Foundation mailing-list that this action was "in the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted". Another example is Wapedia, which began to display Wikipedia content in a mobile-device-friendly format before Wikipedia itself did. 65 Openness Number of English Wikipedia articles 66 English Wikipedia editors with 100 edits per month 66 Differences between versions of an article are highlighted as shown Unlike traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia follows the procrastination principle notes 4 67 regarding the security of its content. Encyclopædia Britannica, which were unable to compete with a product that is essentially free. 8th Annual Collaboration, Electronic Messaging, Anti-Abuse, and Spam Conference. 306 Wikipedia has also been used as a source in journalism, 307 308 often without attribution, and several reporters have been dismissed for plagiarizing from Wikipedia. Many 2 Many: A Group Weblog on Social Software. 269 The Polish-language version contains nearly 240,000 articles. Retrieved June 15, 2013. "Classlessness in America: The uses and abuses of an enduring myth". "Wikipedia is editorial warzone, says study". norske sexbilder escorte date oslo This Site Wants You". YouTube announced a similar plan in 2018. Power concentration and self-organization in the evolution of Wikipedia (PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam). 25 It was founded on March 9, 2000, under the ownership of Bomis, a web portal company. "Let's Make a Wiki". Keen, Weekend Edition Saturday, June 16, 2007. Access to content Content licensing When the project was started in 2001, all text in Wikipedia was covered by the GNU Free Documentation License (gfdl a copyleft license permitting the redistribution, creation of derivative works, and commercial use of content. 31 On January 10, 2001, Sanger proposed on the Nupedia mailing list to create a wiki as a "feeder" project for Nupedia. Complete bans from Wikipedia are generally limited to instances of impersonation and anti-social behavior. (Gale, 2006.) Child, Maxwell., "Professors Split on Wiki Debate" Archived December 20, 2008, at the Wayback Machine, The Harvard Crimson, February 26, 2007. 87 Editors can enforce these rules by deleting or modifying non-compliant material. 91 This can at times lead to the removal of information that, though valid, is not properly sourced. 185 Contrasting Wikipedia's treatment of Abraham Lincoln to that of Civil War historian James McPherson in American National Biography Online, he said that both were essentially accurate and covered the major episodes in Lincoln's life, but praised "McPherson's richer contextualization. Retrieved November 17, 2012. "Professor Wikipedia CollegeHumor Video". 142 The Wikimedia Foundation hopes to increase the number of editors in the Global South to 37 by 2015. Everything2 360 with many later being merged into the project (e.g.

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